Cowboy Breakfast, San Antonio Style

Each year, the North Chamber and others gather donations and cook a free breakfast for the public, South Texas Tex-Mex style! This is the traditional kick off to Rodeo here in SA.

Tomorrow is the day…

Here are two good stories about the event… which is across the highway from my office (convenient, huh?) m/currentissue/destinations.php?rid =311®ion=5 /specials/rodeo/stories/MYSA011907.WK.johng. 705267.html

“Tasty food cooked on the premises—breakfast tacos, sausage-stuffed biscuits, and S.O.S. (ground beef and cream gravy served on a slice of bread)…”

(I’ll let someone else tell you what SOS really stands for, but a hint is that the toast or bread is called a ‘shingle.’ Ask any Army veteran for the graphic description!)

A few years back we made the World record for most served in a single hour: 18,941 hungry munchers! (not counting seconds!)

This year we plan on feeding in excess of 30,000 people.

Lots of fun and food for all!

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